Tofu: It doesn’t have to be mush, 3 tips to crispy deliciousness

Now after cooking with it for a few years, I value tofu as an incredibly versatile protein. The spongy-ness comes in handy as it soaks up all the flavors of the saucy goodness one wishes to bath it in. But it took some trial and error to figure out how to make it not only an enjoyable meal, but one I would be proud to share with friends and family.

Salt Pond: Two lessons learned at the beach

Those people out there cutting through the waves like the fish themselves, DO THAT REGULARLY. A gal who grew up in the tasty fresh waters of Michigan who does a better job of floating on her back than stroking, can’t be expected to see a sea turtle on her first attempt because she can barely get off the shore and keep the salty waters out of her nose.

The Aloha Mentality: A smile from a stranger goes a long way

When I turn on the news, it often depicts a world of otherness and violence, of injustice and pain, of fear. I don’t intend to discredit the weight and importance of that, instead, I simply note the lightness there is in knowing the faces of my neighbors. Of looking people in the eye and wishing them a good day. Of having a reason to smile because the man in the gray shirt I see everyday is smiling back.