PSA: I am going to run an Ultra-marathon

Hi. Hello. Ugh… okay here it goes. I have asked myself to take on the challenge of running a 50-mile ultra-marathon this year. I’m scared. Today, I did RUN 2. I put down 5.12 miles in 1:02:07, average pace 12:07/mile. I ran along the Poudre Trail here in Fort Collins, Colorado. The sun was outContinue reading “PSA: I am going to run an Ultra-marathon”

Food for Thought: How a flowery pancake reminds me of Myanmar

The pancakes were a moment of pause for me, to make something simple from scratch, expanding my taste buds with new flavors added in, and then wonderfully shared with my roommate and friend, Tess. It was when I sat down to write what made such a pancake possible that I connected the pieces of perspective.

Snapshot from Myanmar: The little old lady and her bananas

Lately I have been digging into older journals, newsletters, and letters written from my days spent in Myanmar as a Peace Corps Volunteer. The moments caught on the pages bring me back to how it felt to stand on the dirt roads under the harsh sun or the warmth of strangers hands on my arms.Continue reading “Snapshot from Myanmar: The little old lady and her bananas”