Snapshot: A Moment in Myanmar


Written by:

“We were busting down the highway, 27 people were crammed into the back of the truck. The sides of these trucks are lined with benches and stools fill the middle. It smelled like a hard day of work stench, a general wetness, and like 27 people butt to butt. Four men were on top of the car riding ‘free style.’ The rain was pouring, my ass was wet, a lady with a helmet on her head was inches away from me, a girl with a giant bag of eggs shells still intact except for a hole, sat to my left, three men hung off the back, a girl to my right listened to the radio with headphones, and people chatted away. I looked around in that moment and cracked the biggest smile. I thought to myself, this right here is why I am here. To get lost, figure it out with the help of the locals, to be demanded of patience while I wait, and be squished in like everyone else who just wants to get home like any other evening commute.”

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